In support of promoting CANE’s new happy hour offerings, we worked with chef/owner Paul Yellin to capture a series of photographs he could use on his website and social media feeds. The Caribbean street-food and island cocktails, along with the decor and music at CANE, are sure to transport guests to their happy place. Since opening it’s doors, CANE Rhum Bar has delighted rum drinkers with an impressive shelf of over 100 rums and Caribbean-inspired dishes that instantly transport you to a tropical paradise. Photographing these delicious dishes and craft cocktails feels like a stay-cation full of tropical fun at Charleston’s only rum bar. Find out more about CANE Rum Bar here:


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Respite Care Charleston is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support to caregivers and those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. 12pt Creative worked closely with the Respite Care Charleston board of directors to establish their areas of focus and then prioritize those areas for a responsive single page website. Through the design process, we simplified their message which sparked the positive concept “More. Good. Days.” to define their mission as an organization. With this core message in place, the Respite Care Charleston brand fell into place with refined messaging and new visual identity. The new website serves are a resource for caregivers to find social day programs for their loved ones, locations for caregiver support groups, and additionally, simplified the donation process that RCC relies on. As Respite Care Charleston continues to expand their services in the Charleston area, they are bringing “More. Good. Days.” to those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and we couldn’t be more proud to have collaborated with them. Check out their website HERE.

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Continually humbled to be a part of so many new ventures or to take over a brand and breathe some new energy into it. We love building new relationships with so many local business owners and their teams. Together we can!

Kids Teeth is the leader in pediatric dentistry in Mount Pleasant with funfamily friendly offices that include kid fun zones in their waiting room areas. As we designed and developed their website and other printed materials, we focused on keeping their branding consistent no matter the platform using their playful colors, logo characters, and plenty of photos showing their fun environment and friendly staff. We designed a site focused on the user experience…no more hunting around to locate basic information. It’s all at your finger tips and easy to find. Patients, or their parents, can make appointments online with ease, fill out required forms and download helpful resources, as well as check out the active blog with a full promotional calendar. Check out their website HERE and see what Kids Teeth is all about.

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