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Whether you are running a restaurant, a legal practice, have a new product coming to market, or a design studio, there is one reality: We’re all in the people business! It’s easy to worry about the food, the staff, the development of a product or a myriad of things as a business owner, but the more we concentrate on the people we’re hoping to attract or work with, the easier it is to focus on what’s important.

At 12point, we truly collaborate with our clients. We listen. We offer suggestions. We come up with some pretty clever stuff. But it all comes back to you and what you want. That’s OUR focus. We do that while also being design “snobs” and trying to guide you down a path or vision for your brand. We’re also fiercely dedicated to our clients. Our credo: Love where you live. Love what you do. And love who you do it for.

MEET OUR PEEPS / The 12pt Team:


Founder / Creative Director
c. 843.343.4508

Chad is the founder and creative director of 12pt Creative. He has specialized in restaurant branding throughout his career either with agencies or working directly for two notable concepts, but he loves the variety of work 12pt allows him to pursue. Says Chad, “I find working with other entrepreneurs to be incredibly fulfilling. To see how each business owner goes about tackling similar objectives and how we can help them to succeed and grow is inspiring to me.” Chad has always been more than just a graphic designer and applies his creative thought process to numerous business applications . . . and life in general. He prides himself on his passion for good design and his dedication to our clients. With over 20+ years in the Lowcountry, Chad now considers the South “home” and is the very proud husband to Jen and father to Mia and Emma, who you may see from time to time on 12pt’s social media accounts.


Web Director / Photography

David has been working with 12point since the Summer of 2013. What started out as a first website-build collaboration has turned into nearly 100 websites 10 years later. He’s a pivotal part of our online operations and brings humor and levity to us on a daily basis. David has been building and managing websites for restaurants, attorneys, dentists, tech innovators, retailers, and artists for over 15 years. His photography work has been featured in Charleston Art Mag, The Post & Courier, Charleston Magazine, Charleston Scene, Charleston City Paper, Mount Pleasant Magazine, American Theatre, and Carolinian Magazine, among others. From site launches to staff headshot sessions, David alleviates stress for you and your team and makes everyone feel at ease. That’s why we call him “Da’man!”

Kanjana (KJ)

Lead Designer / Illustrator

Kanjana (KJ) joined us in the Fall of 2016 and brings detailed graphic design work to 12pt Creative. Completing her degree from The Art Institute of Charleston, KJ originally hails from Chiang Rai, Thailand, and enjoys photography, spending time outside, and developing her cooking skills. An incredible illustrator, we often task KJ with unique logo icons, creating memorable t-shirt graphics for our retail clients and incredible custom kids drawing sheets for our restaurant clients. She won multiple awards/contests while in school and in her early career, and we enjoy her sweet nature and the positive attitude she puts into her design work.


Social Media Director

Lauren joined us at the beginning of 2022 and helps our clients expand their branding into their social media platforms. After spending several years in event planning and advertising, Lauren made the switch to social media management and has spent the time since adapting with and strategizing posts on the ever-changing platforms. Creativity has always been a strength for her, both professionally and personally, and that’s evident both in her content creation and her hobbies. When she’s not working, she loves to travel, spend time with family, or work on a DIY project like fixing up her house or woodworking.

Tiffany brings a diverse level of marketing experience to the 12point team with her eye for analytics and passion for producing marketing results. She earned her business degree from Kent State University in Ohio and has over 15 years of marketing and branding experience in the Lowcountry — from luxury real estate to dentistry. Developing and implementing multi-level strategic plans for brands is her speciality. She and her husband Kevin love being outdoors and enjoy everything Mt. Pleasant has to offer. You can often find her cheering or photographing on the sidelines of her children’s (Haley and Owen) latest sporting events or along the various running paths throughout town. Her upbeat nature and can-do attitude will help any client reach their marketing goals.

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